Transform your venue into the visual masterpeice you always dreamed of.

A normal venue can be transformed into a visual masterpiece with atmospheric lighting.  Our lighting designers listen to your vision and turn your dream into a reality.  Meet with our team and discuss in detail the experience you envision and let your guests walk into a breathtaking scene. 

Monogram Projection

Immediately draw your guests' attention to a custom monogram or company/brand logo beautifully projected with light.  If you have ever pictured your name in lights, this is for you!


Uplighting is a stunning, comprehensive way to set the tone of your event space.  Wireless battery powered LED lighting technology with over a million shades allow you to dramatically transform any desired area with a clean, professional look without the clutter or tripping hazard of wires.  This is the most common and cost effective way to enhance your event space and set the mood of a room.

Pinspot Lighting

A pinspot acts as a miniature spotlight, focusing a soft beam of light on a desired element in your space.  Primarily seen on table centerpieces and used for cake lightings to prevent that beautiful cake from sitting in the dark.  A pinspot highlights the important elements in your room to illuminate your details and achieve optimal photography.

Bistro + String Lighting

String Lighting is a perfect way to create an intimate atmosphere.  Not only is it beautiful, draped lighting over your event space allows important elements in the space to be brought out of the dark.  Whether outdoors or indoors, string lighting can functionally highlight enclosed areas and also add a unique touch when strung throughout a venue.


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