Snap, you're it!

The nation's number one photo booth, the Magic Mirror is here at Trifecta DJ!  We also offer the hottest new booth on the market, the Salsa Photo Booth.  Both are open air photo booth's with a texting feature that brings a different experience to your guests.


The Magic Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall, make my party the best of them ALL!  Take photo booth fun to a whole new level.  Your guests have never seen anything like this before.  As participants walk up to the mirror, colorful animations and voice guidance invite them to engage in a magical, interactive "selfie" experience presenting a photo keepsake.  True customization created during a design process gives you a custom touch to start screen, three custom graphic frames for your guests to choose from ensuring three completely different experiences, a custom template selection screen, digital and physical props, and games (instead of tic tac toe let's put the bride + grooms faces instead of the plain old X + O!). All with the ability to text, email, and print unlimited photos.  Yes you just won the photo booth experience of the year.  Your welcome!

Salsa Photo Booth

Spice up your next event with the hottest new photo booth on the market.  This extremely sleek booth is appealing on the yes and offers the latest tech in the photo booth industry.  Prints are a thing of the past.  Boomerangs, GIFs, Video, and digital prints are ALL the rage.  Have a custom website designed with your live photo gallery instantly as the photos are taken.  Text, email, or airdrop your fun creations.  Custom graphic frames and Start Screens? YES!  It's 2019 of course!  

Online Photo Album


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